About Us

video aerei Crazy Drone was foundend in 2013 trought the joint venture of videomakers, graphic designers and marketing communications consultants. Crazy Drone is born from a spin off of Crazy Media and from a collaboration with Service News Sas with the aim of exploiting the most advanced techniques of shooting through the drones in the service of professionals, companies and government agencies. There are numerous possible applications, from spectacular shots for a TV spot to the study of territory in support of civil engineering or for the measurement of geological risk. We decided to join the synergic skills of our team and the most advanced technology available on the market to offer an innovative service and give your projects a unique and privileged point of view: that of our drones. What is a drone? Multiple propellers helicopters are equipped with a digital camera, very easy to handle and able to fly at low altitude. These are drones, innovative tools that represent the latest in cutting-edge filming techniques. Thanks to the digital steady camera shootings are flowing and free of vibrations and it allows to capture images that were up to now impossible to shoot. Crazy Drone is associated ASSORPAS assorpas