Lets fly together!

Crazy Drone in addition of being an agency that specializes in aerial photography and filming, was born as the ideal partner for photographers, videographers and video production company.

If you are a company, an institution, or a professional working in the field of communication, art, entertainment that wants to work with us please fill out the this form.

We are looking for partnerships throughout the country in order to cover geographically the needs of the market by sharing our experiences of communication and marketing.

We want to become an artistic team of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, videomakers, designers, filmmakers and musicians to develop, with the best technology and careful artistic, professional and customized solutions.

Nurture your personality, share your interests, becomes the star of this epochal moment for the video production.

Crazy Drone is a network continues to expand both territorial and services offered. It has unique features in the new media landscape alternative


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