Crazy Drone is officially recognized as an operator for NOT CRITICAL WORKS by ENAC. Find the publication directly on ENAC website by clicking here. Crazy Drone Pilots have attended training courses for specific flights APR AND possess a certificate of attendance to the “Qualification of Personnel Flight Systems for Aircraft and Pilot Remote” released on August 5, 2014, in addition to the second-level medical certificate issued by ENAC. Since the creation of the Regulation on the Civil Aviation Authority SAPR (ie drones), all those who fly for business have an obligation to take i professional liability insurance (RC) to third parties with a minimum cover required by law: Crazy drone is an insured operator.  security Since April 30, 2014 ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, issued a law that regulates the use of drones. Resolution Ranked # 42/2013. The “Regolamento_APR_ed_1.pdf” is available at the following link: Rules Vehicles Aircraft Piloting Remote. The law is binding on all users of such systems to comply with rules and procedures. Companies that use these systems to the so-called aerial work must be certified by ENAC in order to operate. Right in the Regulation mentioned specifically the need for the user of an APR, to insure themselves concerning third-party liability, fit for purpose and not less than the limits imposed at a European level.

Flight Rules The legislation distinguishes flight operations with April (official term that identifies the drones) between critical and non-critical operations.

They are called “ non-critical ” those that adhere to the following limits:

  • 150 meters minimum distance of the drone from congested areas or areas with a high number of people
  • 50 m to persons or property not under the control of the operator using the drone;
  • 70 m high capability of the drone;
  • Flight “on demand” with continuous visual contact between the drone and its pilot is not allowed FPV flight where the pilot uses the video transmitted from the drone to fly it;
  • 200 meters maximum distance between the drone and its rider;
  • are allowed only during daytime flights;
  • Minimum 8km away from the airports;
  • continuous visual contact between the drone and the pilot for the duration of the flight;
  • Flight only “manual”, do not qualify for automatic flight or without the presence of the driver that controls the drone. Non-adherence even one of the above parameters is falling off in the so-called “ critical operations” for which there are special permissions.& nbsp; Before each flight are taken into due consideration the following aspects in addition to where you can make a thorough inspection: