Crazy Drone is a secured professional operator who, in compliance with the legal obligations imposed by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), is committed to offer you the highest level of serenity and the best technology available.

We were among the first in Italy to use drones and officially recognized in 2013 as authorized operators by ENAC.

Today drones can really be within reach of everyone having an affordable purchase price and a relative ease of use. This has resulted in the emergence of numerous non-professional and competent operators who offer low-cost services.

However, not always choosing operators with the lowest prices on the market for a video service or aerial photography are the best choice.

We would like to emphasize that to maintain high quality standards it is necessary to keep the company’s formal documents up to date in order to comply with the laws, to be insured against civilian damages to third parties, and to keep the medical visits of pilots valid. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, it is also necessary to constantly renovate the fleet.

We usually work in the luxury sector both in the private sector, for exclusive weddings and sale of sumptuous villas, as well as in business ventures to advertise luxurious locations such as hotels, wellness centers, beach clubs or bed & breakfasts.

In these few years of activity we have already had the honor of working for major television networks as Rai as official suppliers and for several themed channels of digital terrestrial as Sky.

How we make Aerial Shots?

In order to be able to give you an order of magnitude of the price for an aerial shooting service you must first describe how best our intervention is and what limitations need to be considered before proceeding.


After defining the object of the shooting with the client and then its geolocalization, we will be careful to verify whether the shooting area meets the limits defined by Enac as non-critical areas ie with a low level of danger.


The “flight” is intended as the use of n. 1 battery life, safely, about 15/20 minutes depending on certain variants. Each “flight / battery” can then record a video up to 4K of definition and photos for the duration of the battery defined as “shot”. This file is never used directly but needs to be worked and mounted later to exclude the less successful or interesting parts of the video itself.

Based on our half-day work experience you can easily make about 4/5 flights for a total turn of roughly 60 minutes.


The service can only be performed at optimum weather conditions (no precipitation and / or strong wind) as well as with ENAC regulations. In the event of adverse weather conditions or other risks the pilot always reserves the right to proceed or not to fly. In the event of impossibility to perform the service for adverse weather conditions or other causes of force majeure not dependent on the supplier, the costs of travel and availability are due.

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